Erik Chapman – NH Sea Grant/UNH Cooperative Extension


Dr. Erik Chapman is a Fisheries Assistant Extension Professor at NH Sea Grant/UNH Cooperative Extension.  He has a MS in Wildlife Ecology and a PhD in Oceanography.  Since he became an Extension Specialist, he has worked extensively with the NH fishing industry and with University researchers on projects designed to support sustainable marine fisheries.  He also teaches Introduction to Marine Biology to undergraduates at UNH.  His projects range in focus from marine ecology and fishing technology to marketing and branding of locally harvested seafood. 


Specific projects include gear research designed to improve selectivity of NH fishermen, a demonstration project that explores ways that NH fishermen can bring a product to market that is traceable to the fisherman, and a study assessing the reproductive biology of common and roseate terns that nest at the Isles of Shoals.

Contact Information:


phone: 603-862-1935