Sustainable Marine Fisheries Community

Sustainable Marine Fisheries Community of Practice

The Sustainable Marine Fisheries Community of Practice is a group of fisheries extension workers that have come together to provide a source of reliable and up-to-date information about social, economic and ecological issues that are linked to sustainable marine fisheries.

Who Are These Experts?

The Sustainable Marine Fisheries Community of Practice (CoP) is comprised of experts from across the United States including Sea Grant extension personnel, extension workers from non-profit agencies, teaching and research faculty at land grant universities, county agents, that are involved in helping fishing communities achieve ecological and economic sustainability through responsible stewardship and innovative marketing strategies. This Community of Practice will use novel, diverse educational methods to help provide a source of information, tools and products that provide issue-oriented, research-based educational content related to sustainable marine fisheries.


What Can Be Found?

Answers to Questions: Search frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find simple, clear, research-based answers from experts on topics including: which species of fish are harvested sustainably, types of gear and vessels used, when seafood is safe to consume, and fishery terminology. If the answers to your questions are not available through FAQs, then you can use the “Ask an Expert” and your question will be handled promptly by an expert in the field.

News & Upcoming Events Fisheries across the United States are dynamic and changing. You can find recent news stories about the various fisheries and topics related to sustainable marine fisheries. Check out our marine fisheries news and calendar of events for local, state and national news and events related to sustainable marine fisheries.

Information, Resources, Tools Moving toward Sustainable Marine Fisheries requires a broad range of technical skills and information. We aim to provide resources, and links to resources that can help fishermen, fishing-related businesses and consumers find ways to support sustainable fishing communities and marine resources.

We hope you enjoy learning more about sustainable marine fisheries and look forward to getting your input on how we are doing!